Welcome to the website of the “100 %” Advertising Agency!

"100 %" Ad Agency means more than 12 years of successful experience in advertising. Founded in 1996, "100 %" Ad Agency has become the first one of its kind in Mykolayiv. The beginning of a new millennium was both a turning point and a rebirth of our company. On 21 February 2000, a new team of highly inspired and success oriented specialists began a new era in the history of the "100 %" Ad Agency.

2004 can be described as a sudden change from production activity to the intellectual one. How did it work? Instead of co-operating only with mass media and creating just outdoor advertising, we made knowledge selling our main service. Nowadays "100 %" Ad Agency offers a range of services from planning the advertising campaigns to trademarks projecting and developing PR strategies; in addition, we conduct rating, marketing and advertising researches.

Make sure to see our portfolio to get an idea of what we are ready to produce. Special knowledge that includes information about the latest trends of Mykolayiv region makes our work more efficient. "100 %" Ad Agency finds the best way to solve your problem in every unique case.

We always consider the client's aim to be our personal goal. We realize that the development of the "100 %" Ad Agency depends on our client's development – that is the key to our success.

The main principles of "100 %" Ad Agency:

  1. We do what you need, not what you want. We are oriented on productive cooperation with a client; therefore we are looking for all solutions our client will benefit from. Everything we create is full of love and respect to our client.
  2. Our main service is knowledge selling. People, not computers are the driving force in a creative advertising process and the greatest value for "100 %" Ad Agency. Consequently, we are about people first – we have the best team of courageous thinkers who offer creative solutions and help you to tackle your business problems. Our colleagues are active and talented specialists, who develop an agency by improving their personal skills.
  3. Research is a background for good advertising. It gives us an opportunity to take into account all the details and produce something that will both drive brilliant business results and delight you.
  4. "100 %" Ad Agency: no tobacco and alcohol advertising.

We truly believe that trust and honesty are important in business as well as in daily life. Constant following our principles turns our work with a client into a friendly cooperation unit.

Hope you will enjoy exploring our website!

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